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Dear Homeowner,

My name is Tom Mull of Mull Bros. Oil, a family-owned heating and cooling company in Wethersfield, Connecticut, where I was born and raised.

There’s no doubt that you have seen many changes with the heating oil industry in the past decade or so.

Tom Mull

There’s the here-today gone-tomorrow “discount” oil companies that use subcontractors for service calls; the larger oil companies that have become faceless monopolies; and then there’s the aggressive sales-minded companies that promise all kinds of incentives, only to quietly raise their prices after a short while.

Whether because of full-service oil competition, the here-today gone-tomorrow discounters, or simply because of retirement, a number of small fuel oil dealers have sold out to larger companies. To the customers of those companies, much of the industry now resembles a public utility: higher prices for oil, service, and contracts; a distant, non-inviting office location; and most of all, numerous and unaccountable employees. Summed up: A Faceless Monopoly! 

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While many companies have given up or, out of desperation, have changed their business philosophies, we intend to be here for a long time. As a matter of fact, we’ve been around for over 60 years. My father, Bill Mull, started this company in 1945. At a time when stove-oil was in great demand and #2 fuel was being introduced as a home-heating fuel, Bill decided to get in to the delivery business. In the early 1950’s many oil burners were being installed on coal furnaces. Being mechanically inclined, Bill learned the art of installing and servicing the many styles of oil burners and heating systems.

Throughout his business venture, Bill always looked forward to dealing with people, not just their heating equipment. Whether on late-night service, on the oil truck, or taking care of paperwork, Bill always found the time to talk and to listen to his customers. His long-term goal was to build a stable business, but not to get so big that his customer relations took a back seat.

Ever since I was a young boy I remember going out with “the guys” on service calls and delivering oil to our customers. There was always a sense of friendliness and respect, as though we were visiting relatives. In 1984, when my father decided to retire, I took over Mull Bros. Oil and vowed to keep our family spirit ever present.

Being fully trained and licensed, I soon decided to get into the central air-conditioning market. It seemed that the majority of air-conditioning companies were either dabbling in the field or were just looking at each heat-wave as a get-rich-quick season. I figured since we’ve enjoyed giving personalized, accountable service in the heating world, why not introduce the same work ethic into the cooling world.

If we have not already provided you service, give us a chance…I’m sure you’ll find you’re in good hands.

Tom Mull, President

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